Pilates is a total body conditioning workout.

Emphasize breath control, core conditioning and postural awareness.

Led by expert instructors, Pilates helps you stretch and strengthen your body without adding bulk or stressing joints. The result is improved core strength, sculpted legs and arms, flat abdominals, improved body awareness and better flexibility and balance.

Pilates is a perfect complement to cardiovascular, sports and rehabilitation training because it hits the muscles that bodybuilding and aerobics can sometimes miss. And Pilates is not just for women. National and international sports teams regularly use Pilates as part of their training programs to enhance athletic performance.

Our expert instructors offer private and small group Pilates instruction including Pilates Reformer training. Contact Lyn Scharret at 313-972-4040 to find out more about Pilates or to get started with your Pilates training program.